Long Term Care

People are generally living longer than ever before, so the chances of neededing long term care are increasing. Long-term care applies to a multitude of services beyond medical care and nursing care needed by people with disabilities or chronic (long-lasting) illnesses. Long-term care insurance pays for these expensive services. A policy also ensures that you will be able to make your own choices about what long-term care services you receive and where you receive them.

Ordinary health insurance will not cover these expenses.

These costs could literally use all of your remaining life’s savings. Unfortunately, Medicare usually does not pay for long-term care expenses. Medicaid, a federal-state health insurance program, will only pay for long-term care if you’ve already spent most of your savings or other assets. Long-term care insurance typically covers the cost of the following:

  • Help in your home with daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating and cleaning.
  • Community programs, such as adult day care.
  • Assisted living services that are provided in a special residential setting other than your own home.
  • These services may include meals, health monitoring, and help with daily activities.
  • Visiting nurses.
  • Care in a nursing home.

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